2017-2018 Top Selling Jerseys in the NWHL

Photo Credit: Michael Hetzel and Matthew Raney Photography

The National Women’s Hockey League announced their Top 20 selling jerseys and T-shirts or shirseys on Thursday.

The players in the league receive 15 percent of the proceeds from the sales of the apparel that has their name emblazoned across the back of. Fans can purchase the players T-shirts and jerseys as well as other league and team merchandise at www.nwhl.zone/shop, the official shop of the NWHL, which is powered by The Loyalist.

Among Top 22: 9 Riveters, 6 Whale, 4 Beauts and 3 Pride Players

With a five-way tie for 18th place on the list of top jersey sales, the league listed the Top 22 selling jerseys for the 2017-2018 NWHL season. Nine Metropolitan Riveters, six Connecticut Whale, four Buffalo Beauts and three Boston Pride players represented the Top 22. Of the six Whale players, five were in the Top 10.

Harrison Browne of the Riveters led the way with the top selling jerseys and shirseys for the past season. Coming in second was Whale rookie netminder, Keira Goin. NWHL Players Association Director, Anya Battaglino’s Whale jersey, was the third highest selling ones in the league.

Rebecca Russo (4) and Katie Fitzgerald (9) of the Riveters, Kelly Babstock (5), Emily Fluke (7) and Rachel Ade (10) of the Whale, and Colleen Murphy (6) and Kristin Lewicki (8) of the Beauts rounded out the Top 10 selling apparel for 2017-2018 season.

The rest of the Top 20 consisted of; Jillian Dempsey (11), Brittany Ott (12) and Madison Litchfield (17) of the Pride, Erika Lawler (13) of the Riveters, Jordan Ott (14) and Maddie Elia (15) of the Beauts and Sophia Agostinelli (16) of the Whale.

Riveters teammates, Miye D’Oench, Alexa Gruschow, Ashley Johnston, Bray Ketchum and Jenny Ryan tied for 18th highest selling jerseys this past season.

Top NWHL Players in Apparel Sales: 2017-18 Season

  1. Harrison Browne, Metropolitan Riveters
    2.Keira Goin, Connecticut Whale
    3. Anya Battaglino, Whale
    4. Rebecca Russo, Riveters
    5. Kelly Babstock, Whale
    6. Colleen Murphy, Buffalo Beauts
    7. Emily Fluke, Whale
    8. Kristin Lewicki, Beauts
    9. Katie Fitzgerald, Riveters
    10. Rachael Ade, Whale
    11. Jillian Dempsey, Boston Pride
    12. Brittany Ott, Pride
    13. Erika Lawler, Riveters
    14. Jordan Ott, Beauts
    15. Maddie Elia, Beauts
    16. Sophia Agostinelli, Whale
    17. Madison Litchfield, Pride
    18. (tie) Miye D’OenchAlexa GruschowAshley JohnstonBray KetchumJenny Ryan, Riveters

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